December, 2016 Rapacity Games will release an early release version of Immune: Story of Sarah on PC/Mac/Linux. Blending together the 80’s style of horror with noir, in this Military Zombie post- apocalyptic where we are winning the war on zombies by Military might.

Immune: Story Of Sarah is a third person shooter that expands past the typical zombie shooter game by Military factions try to dominant surviving people that are immune to the pathogen that converted 90% of the human population. Unlock the mystery behind the worst bio weapon attack.

Sarah is a 16-year-old ward to a General who finds herself trapped and forced into military service in a few months. This puts her in a difficult place of deciding if she should stay with the people that she has grown up with or escape while she still can. As Immune: Story of Sarah unfolds you find yourself realizing that this is anything but a simple story. Uncover the truth and help try to save the world before it is too late.

America was one of the first nations to militarize its police. Congress approved a bill that allowed total control of transportation systems, controlling the freedom to move freely, stating that ‘a new direction for America is required in order for us to survive’ and that ‘most government agencies need a central command agency to face the new threat’.   They asserted the U.S. had to stop the infected no matter what temporary freedoms were suspended. The bill combined the CDC, National Guard, City and State Police, FBI, DEA, ATF, and Local Department of Transpiration under Homeland Security. Years before the outbreaks, Homeland Security had more agents and militarization than small countries, controlling the Coastguard, Secret Service, FEMA, DC Police, Border Control, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and other departments. This allowed America to maintain the new militarized government with speed and deadly effectiveness to solve the perceived threat to its way of life. As populations centralized, and stated to dwindle, most communications stopped between world leaders. A new age of isolationism was born.

There was a president who wanted to disassemble Homeland Security, fearing the agency has gotten too powerful.  Suddenly there was a series of security breaches at the White House.  It was on the 12th security breach during his tenure, when the infiltrator made it inside the White House close to the President, he realized his position on the agency must change.  In the history of the U.S. Presidency, only 10 breaches had occurred prior to his election. Once he stopped trying to disband Homeland Security, it was the last attack on the White House.  The investigation report said the President was never in any real danger.

Scared that “the unclean” had caused these outbreaks, over the years clean zones started placing a broader definition on what was considered infected, defining what it meant to be “clean and pure”; to be Immune. There was a new rise of Mysophobia, changing the way we designed our clothes, houses, prepared our food and socialized with others. A new corporate ethos has risen. Companies invest in managing home offices with intricate monitoring systems to view employee performance. The result is the American people have become physically antisocial, living in fear of anyone outside their immediate circles. Every citizens can hear the loud speakers echoing messages of duty and responsibility to maintain a clean and healthy life and to report all suspected of being ill, ‘it only takes one infected’.

Game Play

  • A Third Person Shooter
  • Forever Used World Item System
  • Mission Goals (from taking over an area overrun by hostile forces to blowing up key objects)
  • Key Story line Objectives
  • Don’t get eaten (just because Sarah is Immune to Zombies, does not mean that they won’t try to eat her).

Genre: Zombie/Military Apocalyptic-Horror Noir

Initial Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux… Other Platforms TBA

Early Access Release Date: December 2016

Demo Minimum requirements: Desktop:

OS: Windows 7

Mac OS X 10.8+

Ubuntu 12.04+

CPU capabilities; Intel-I5/AMD-FX

Memory 8 GB

Hard Drive Free Space: 4 GB 

Graphics Direct3D 12 | 11 | 09 (SM 2.0+)

OpenGL (2.0+)

Windows Installer Files:

Demo Version. Alpha 01.06.17

Immune StoryOf Sarah Demo Installer

Game Not Yet Rated

This Game Contains Graphic Content that includes:

  • Gun Violence
  • Prolonged Violence
  • Animated Blood/Gore
  • Horror Themes (such as Zombies eating people)
  • It is recommended for gamer’s 17+ (Demo)

Before Downloading, Installing, or Extracting Game Files please read the EULA

Developer: Rapacity Games, Inc. Las Vegas, NV.

Rapacity is an independent game development studio based in Las Vegas, NV. Immune was built using Unity 5 Game Engine.  Immune Story Of Sarah has been in development since Nov. 2014. The Bulk of the Development went in to our AI. We needed AI’s that could realistically fight each other… Military V. Zombie. Then next was our Zombie AI’s that could act like a Zombie horde.