Developer: Rapacity Games, Inc. Las Vegas, NV.

Rapacity is an independent game development studio based in Las Vegas, NV. Immune was built using Unity 5 Game Engine.  The game has been in development a year and five months. The Bulk of the Development went in to our AI. We needed AI’s that could realistically fight each other. Then next was our Zombie AI’s that could act like a Zombie horde.

Genre: Zombie/Military Apocalyptic-Horror Noir

Initial Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux… Other Platforms TBA

Early Access Release Date: December 2016

Immune requirements: Desktop: OS: Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.8+, Ubuntu 12.04+, Graphics card: DX9 (SM 2.0+) OpenGL (2.0+) capabilities; Intel-I5/AMD-FX
Graphics Direct3D 12 | 11 | 09
OpenGL 3.2|4.5



Las Vegas Independent Developer to Release Third Person Shooter that Explores Post-Apocalyptic power struggles in a classic fantastical horror themed gam



December, 2016 Rapacity Games will release an early release version of Immune: Story of Sarah on PC/Mac/Linux. Immune is a third person shooter that expands past the typical zombie shooter game by introducing Military complexity, power hungry strategies of the surviving people and the fascination of Sarah’s immunity to the pathogen that wiped out 90% of the human population. Rapacity coupled the entrancing story line with creative and unique styling.

The Who’s

Sarah is a 16 year old ward to a General who finds herself trapped with her forced into Military service in a few months. This puts her in a difficult place of deciding on if she should stay with the people she grew up with or escape while she still can. As Immune: Story unfolds, you find yourself realizing that this is anything but a simple story. Uncover the truth, and help try to save the world before it is too late.



Immune: Story of Sarah themes were inspired by, Night of the Living Dead, Blade Runner, Running Man, Soylent Green, Dark City, and Detective Comics. We went with Immune: Story of Sarah, for our debut title, because it is where the developmental flow happen. The base concept started in 180 degrees polar opposite from where it is now. The first two months of writing out the concept and thinking upon ideas from the overall design. The base concept morphed into military controlled Post-Apocalyptic horror game. Where Sarah has to play a major role in the fate of the world, as the forces behind this zombie apocalyptic nightmare move to the final stages in their plans. Will it be too late, as most of the world is just fighting to survive, holding on to maintain the little order they do have? In this game you will be taken all over the world, trying to find who started this chain of events. Besides having to deal with zombies. As you continue your journey you will meet other that will aid you in your missions and with the overwhelming oppositions. 

Game Play

  • A Third Person Shooter
  • Forever Used World Item System
  • Mission Goals (from taking over an area overrun by hostile forces to blowing up key objects)
  • Key Story line Objectives
  • Don’t get eaten (just because Sarah is Immune to Zombies, does not mean that they won’t try to eat her).

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